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Guangzhou Flying Dragon Chemical Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of petrofer AG. in Switzerland. We focus on forest chemicals, polymer additives and other fine chemicals.

The development course
Mr. Bruno Eberenz founded Flying Dragon Enterprises Limited.
Mr. Bruno Eberenz and Mr. Cheng Fan co-founded Guangzhou Flying Dragon Chemical Ltd.
Flying Dragon Enterprises acquired beiliu hengli forest chemical co., LTD
Guangzhou Flying Dragon passed ISO 9001 audit
Guangzhou Flying Dragon changed its office and moved into its own property in Sinopec Tower of Guangzhou.  
Flying Dragon Enterprises and Nanxiong Songlin Resin Co., Ltd established Nanxiong Xiongrui Forestry Co., Ltd.
Nanxiong Xiongrui Forestry Co., Ltd. acquired 12,000 mu of pine forest in Nanxiong city 
Guangzhou Flying Dragon completed REACH registration of transparent nucleating agent DMDBS, antioxidant agent 565 and road marking resin, and cooperated with its core suppliers to complete REACH registration of some rubber and plastic additives, rosin resin, petroleum resin and PVA.
Guangzhou Flying Dragon become the largest importer of Gum rosin in China
Guangzhou Flying Dragon become the largest exporter of transparent nucleating agent in China
Guangzhou Flying Dragon become the supplier of antioxidant 565 to Sinopec
Guangzhou Flying Dragon cooperates with India Imexco to become the largest turpentine supplier in the Indian market

In today's rapidly changing market, one company's path will never be as smooth and direct as the neatly organized list of milestones in the time axis. However, it can be handled with confidence with the right drive: Flying Dragon has great customers and employees, values to put into practice, and clear goals. This is how Flying Dragon has developed into what it is today. We thank all those who have helped us achieve this goal.

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