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Vulcanizing agent

Product introduction

Sulfur donor for natural and synthetic rubbers. It can be used as either complete or partial replacements for sulfur and thiuram and DTDM sulfur donors in EV and sime-EV type cure systems. Especially good in curing rubber that contains chlorine such as chlorobutyl and polychloroprene.lt can be used with most typical rubber accelerators and sulfur.
When used as a partial replacement for sulfur,Flyadd®-VA7 tend to improve dispersion of other additives in the rubber.



Appearance Yellow to light brown pastilles
Flash Point(°C) 263℃
Softening Point (°C) 95-115℃
Bulk Density, g/cm3 0.805 g/cm³
Sulfur Content. % 29.5-31.5%
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