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Ion Exchange Resin

Product introduction

Dragonlite-AN30 is an acrylic acid series, macroporous, strong basic anion exchange resin supplied in the chloride form. Because of its acrylic acid matrix, it has great anti-pollution and elution ability, it can absorb multiply large molecular organic, decolorization rate could reach to 65-75%, elution rate could be more than 95%. Widely apply to produce cane sugar, beet sugar, refined sugar etc. Its suitable pore size and macroreticular structure allows excellent removal of large organic molecules from liquid sugars and other food streams.



Apprearance Milky White Beads
Ionic Form Cl-
Moisture Content, % 65.0-75.0
Capacity based on volume, mmol/ml ≥0.80
Shipping Weight, g/ml 0.65-0.72
True Density (Wet), g/ml 1.03-1.10
Particle Size Range (0.45~1.25mm), % (0.315-1.25mm)≥95.0
Low Limited(<0.45mm), % (<0.45mm)≤1.0
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