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Ion Exchange Resin

Product introduction

Dragonlite-SS7FD is a gel type cation exchange resin that has sulfonic group (-SO3H) in the styrene-diethylene benzene copolymer with 7% cross-linked degree.

After the special purify treatment, Dragonlite-SS7FD meets with food grade requirements, it has great physical and chemical stability, high purity level, and with minimum metals and residuals left in the pore of resins and no organic dissolved



Apprearance Yellow transparent beads
Functional Group (-SO3H)
Ionic Form Na+
Moisture Content, % 45.0-50.0
Capacity based on weight, mmol/g ≥4.50
Capacity based on volume, mmol/ml ≥1.90
Shipping Weight, g/ml 0.77-0.87
True Density (Wet), g/ml 1.25-1.29
Whole Beads, % ≥95.0
Particle Size Range (0.45~1.25mm), % (0.45-1.25mm)≥95
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