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Water-White Hydrogenated Rosin

Product introduction

It is refined from High-Hydrogenated rosin that is eliminated foreign matter and the coloring radical. It is a thermoplastic, acidic resin produced by hydrogenating rosin to an exceptionally high degree. It is one of the palest, most highly stabilized rosins commercially available. It is especially indicated as the tackifier in solvent adhesives and hot-melt applied coatings and adhesives that must excel in these properties.


Flytac111 is mainly used as raw material for the manufacture of Assembly, Bookbinding, Caulks and Sealants, Contact Adhesives, Hot Melt Adhesives, Laminating, Non-wovens, Packaging, Paint and Coatings, Personal Care and Cosmetics, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Rubber and Plastic Modification, Solvent-borne Adhesives, Tapes and Labels, Waterborne Adhesives, Wax Modification.


Color (Fe-Co) 1 Max
Acid Value / (mg KOH/g) 170 Min
Softening Point (R&B) / ℃ 78 Min
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