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Water White Rosin Ester

Product introduction

It is a granular, water white modified gum rosin polyols esters which are made from special refined gum rosin by series advanced processes of partial hydrogenation, esterification and stabilization.They are new generations of natural tackifier resins which exhibit almost water white, good aging resistance and excellent compatibility, also capable in raising the initial and persistent viscosity of pressure sensitive adhesive in a simultaneous way, the excellent heat stability with only increasing by less than 1 degree of Gardner Color within consecutive 8 hour at 180℃
It can be used in Hot melt adhesive for white EVA glue sticks or granules, SBS and SIS base hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives for sanitary napkins, structures and tapes, EVA based hot melt adhesives for quality of packing, booking and cigarettes adhesives, hot melt paints and sealants, water or solvent bases adhesives



Softening Point (R&B) / ℃ 88-96
Color (Hazen Unit) 0-150
Acid Value / (mgKOH/g) 20 Max
Melt Viscosity (150 ℃) / cps 350-700
Ash / % 0.1 Max
Flash Point / ℃ 245
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