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Terpinyl Acetate

Product introduction

Terephthalate is the esterification product of terephthalic alcohol, with fresh scent and sweet taste, like bergamot and lavender flavor, and lasting for a long time. This product is widely used in lavender, spicy, citrus flavor and other daily flavor, also used in white lemon, cherry, spicy, meat flavor and other edible flavor, in the flavoring essential oil plays a role in enhancing spicy, is the preparation of bergamot oil, lavender oil, orange leaf oil and other raw materials.



Apprearance Clear colorless liquid
Terpinyl acetate, trans-Beta & Terpinyl acetate, cis-Beta / % 10-13
Terpinyl acetate, Alpha & Terpinyl acetate, Gamma / % 80-85
Isomer tatal (Terpinyl acetate) / % 98
Refractive index 1.4640-1.4670
Relative density (D20/4) 0.9550-0.9650
Acidity (mgKOH/g) 1.0 Max
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