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Insulation materials made from polyvinyl alcohol fibers and polyurethane, as well as sealants, carpet adhesives and cable sheaths . Flying Dragon provides additive and raw material products that really make it easier for you and your customers to work on the construction site.

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Available products

Product Chemical name CAS
Flytac 101 Gum Rosin 8050-09-7
Dragonpovol-0588 Polyvinyl Alcohol-0588 9002-89-5
Dragonpovol-1788 Polyvinyl Alcohol-1788 9002-89-5
Dragonpovol-2088 Polyvinyl Alcohol-2088 9002-89-5
Dragonpovol-2488 Polyvinyl Alcohol-2488 9002-89-5
Dragonox®-626 Anti-oxidant-626 26741-53-7
Dragonox®-565 Anti-oxidant-565 991-84-4
Dragonox®-168 Anti-oxidant-168 31570-04-4
Dragonox®-245 Anti-oxidant-245 36443-68-2
Dragonox®-323 Anti-oxidant-323
Dragonox®-901 Anti-oxidant-901 N/A
Dragonox®-1010 Anti-oxidant-1010 6683-19-8
Dragonox®-1135 Anti-oxidant-1135 125643-61-0
Dragonox®-BHT Antioxidant-BHT
Dragonsorb®-360 UV Absorber-360
Dragonsorb®-P UV-Absorber-P 4065-45-6
Flyadd®-OB Optical brightener OB
Dragonsorb®-2020 Dragonsorb®-2020 192268-64-7
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